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This Agreement benefits and binds you and “Parties” and their successors and assigns.

Terms of Offer

All solicitations and offers (whether by mail, through employees, agents, the internet, or otherwise) are solely made from, and within, the jurisdictions of the state of California. All orders for services require acceptance from an authorized officer of the Trustee operating within the offering jurisdiction before they become contracts. The use of the Site does not constitute an offer to provide trust services beyond the borders of jurisdictions noted herein.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions constitute(s) the entire Agreement between the user and with respect to its subject matter and constitutes and supersedes all prior Agreements, representations and understandings, written or oral.



We shall not be subject to any obligations of confidentiality regarding information submitted through this Site or any page hereof except as otherwise agreed to by, in writing, with the person(s) or entity(ies) having a direct relationship with us or as otherwise required by law.

Although we attempt to keep the information on this Site accurate, complete, and current, we do not warrant that the content herein is accurate, complete, or current. We make no commitment to update the content herein. It is your responsibility to verify any information before relying on it. The content of this Site may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. From time to time changes are made to the content herein. We may make changes in the products and/or the services described herein at any time. We provide you with this information with the understanding that we are not rendering accounting, legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or tax advisor concerning such matters.

Location of Products and Services

Our products and services are offered only in jurisdictions where they may be lawfully offered for sale; and are also subject to the terms of the specific applicable agreement. NOT ALL PRODUCTS OR SERVICES MENTIONED HEREIN ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL JURISDICTIONS. Certain non-fiduciary ministerial services may be provided from and by third parties and in their respective jurisdictions.

Government Required Customer Information Program

Government required anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws require all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person creating a trust; without exception. As such, your personal information may be used to verify your identity and/or the identity of the Beneficiary(ies) in accordance with 's Customer Identification Program; and that some or all of that information may be shared with third parties, only to the extent necessary to perform such tasks, and reported to government agencies to fulfill required government reporting.

What types of information will I need to provide?

When you open a trust account, you are required to provide at a minimum the following information:
Date of birth
Identification number
• U.S. citizen: taxpayer identification number (Social Security number or employer identification number)
• Non-U.S. citizen: taxpayer identification number; passport number and country of issuance; alien identification card number; or government-issued identification showing nationality, residence and a photograph of you.

What happens if I don’t provide the information requested or my identity can’t be verified?

We may not be able to open an account or carry out transactions for you. If we have already opened a trust account for you, we may close it.

General Disclaimers and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers.

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You acknowledge and agree that these Terms and Conditions, at the sole discretion of, shall be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of California, or such other state law of applicable to the geographic location of the facility which the subject, breach or tort occurred, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law.

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Waiver of 47 U.S. Code § 230


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This Site also contains certain information has filed or incorporated by reference in its reports with the State and Federal agencies (such information, the "Disclosure Materials") expressly disclaims any duty to update any of the information set forth in the Disclosure Materials, including but not limited to statements that may be considered forward-looking.

Both you and shall hold all information regarding your use of the Site private. Without the prior written release of the other Party, either Party shall, directly or indirectly, issue any press release, or make other public statements or announcement related to this Site or the trust product, written or oral, without the prior written consent of the other party, except as required by law, as part of a civil or criminal legal proceeding, or a court order.  You agree that you will not disparage, its officers and management, current or former employees, and / or its shareholders. You further agree that you will not relay, communicate or repeat disparaging comments from others or cause such statements to be made by a third party, or through an anonymous persona. Disparagement includes, but is not limited to: public writings, remarks, comments or statements (with or without malice); and which are false in nature, fact or substance; and which impugn the character, honesty, integrity, morality or business acumen or abilities in connection with any aspect of the operation of business of the covered individual or entity and include, but is not limited to, the torts of defamation, product disparagement, insulting words, injurious falsehood and / or trade libel.

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This Site and its content is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to purchase any investment to any person or entity. 

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Right to Refuse

You acknowledge that reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to cancel access at any time. Improper access or attempted improper access or improper attempted access shall be deemed as an act of “Computer Trespass” subject to both civil and criminal prosecution.


You agree that breach of these Terms and Conditions may cause ongoing and irreparable damages. As such, you acknowledge and agree that reserves the discretionary right to have immediately removed, upon written demand, any content, regardless of its location, you have directly or indirectly, published, posted, disclosed or made accessible to the public which in its sole discretion deems a breach of these Terms and Conditions. You further agree and stipulate that such an event is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and that all third parties, including the Internet Service Provider and hosting provider of the content provider, shall remove all such content immediately upon notice from and such notice shall be deemed as your instruction and approval to remedy the breach by removal of the related content. Such removal shall not discharge you from any claim that may otherwise have a right to bring under this Agreement.


By using ’s services or by accessing the website (beyond accessing the home page and these terms and conditions) you acknowledge that you have, by Promissory Estoppel, waived all rights, claims, affirmative defenses and all other defenses based on, or under, all forms of Qualified Privilege, including but not limited to; Common Interest Privilege, Fair Report Privilege, Neutral Reportage Privilege, Opinion Privilege, No Publication Privilege, Consent Privilege and so called “fair use” rights regarding the use of any of the Marks and /or content herein. You further agree and stipulate that by your use of the content of this Site or Marks you are an “information content provider”, as defined by 47 U.S. Code § 230, and additionally, you waive all claims, defenses and rights related to being a “provider of interactive computer service”.

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The Site contains trade secrets and intellectual property of collectively defined as “Intellectual Property.” “Intellectual Property” is further defined as Intellectual Property owned, commissioned, developed, or created by Certain Intellectual Property may exist in a combination of characteristics and components, each of which, by itself, is in the public domain, but the unified process and operation of which, in unique combination, affords a competitive advantage and is a protectable secret. The term “Intellectual Property” includes (collectively and separately):

“Marks” (as defined herein),

User interfaces functions and design,

Process design,

< >

Pricing information,

Business strategy,

Financial information,

Marketing and advertising strategies,

Sales techniques,

Methods of conducting business,

Technology platforms,

< >

Web sites, publications, databases and other content,

Business processes material to the operation of the business,

< >< >

Trademarks and copyrights,

Franchise systems,

Object codes,

Investment Platforms,

Trading Platforms,

Trust document design and component elements,    

Patents and patent applications including any abandoned applications,

Pending trademark and service mark applications,

Domain names and domain name registrations.

All products and services currently produced, marketed, licensed, sold or distributed by

All products and services currently under development that intends to make commercially available within 24 months from your last use this Site.

Inventions, whether or not patentable, whether or not reduced to practice or whether or not yet made the subject of a pending patent or application or applications,

Ideas and conceptions of potentially patentable subject matter, including, without limitation, any patent disclosures, whether or not reduced to practice and whether or not yet made the subject of a pending Patent application or applications,

Trade secrets and confidential, technical or business information (including ideas, formulas, compositions, designs, inventions, and conceptions of inventions whether patentable or un-patentable and whether or not reduced to practice),

Technology (including know-how), manufacturing and production processes and techniques, methodologies, research and development information, drawings, specifications, designs, plans, proposals, technical data, copyrightable works, financial, marketing and business data, pricing and cost information, business and marketing plans and customer and supplier lists and information. 

You further agree to not, directly or indirectly:

Acquire, use or disclose Intellectual Property, or any element of our Intellectual Property to another person(s), or

Engage in acquiring, or attempting to acquire, Intellectual Property by improper means; improper use of the website, including creating fictitious user identities or accounts, or acts of espionage (whether through electronic or other means). 

All rights, title, interest in and ownership of the Intellectual Property shall remain the sole property of and right of Nothing in these Terms and Conditions conveys any right or license to use Intellectual Property other than for the stated purpose of evaluating  for your personal use. You acknowledge and agree that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any rights, license or otherwise, to disclose or use Intellectual Property and you waive rights, claims and defenses based on, or under all forms of Qualified Privilege, including but not limited to; Common Interest Privilege, Fair Report Privilege, Neutral Reportage Privilege, Opinion Privilege, No Publication Privilege, Consent Privilege and so called “fair use” rights regarding the use of any of the Marks and / or  Intellectual Property.

Detrimental Use

You acknowledge and agree that you will not, directly or indirectly, use any Intellectual Property in anyway detrimental to the You agree to keep all Intellectual Property in confidence and, except as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, will not disclose, or cause to be disclosed, Intellectual Property to anyone without ’s prior written consent. You agree that you will not use, or permit others to use Intellectual Property information for any purpose other than for evaluating possible use of for you own personal use. You will use all necessary efforts and safeguards to ensure that there is no disclosure, dissemination or unauthorized use of Intellectual Property.

Reverse Engineering

The Site contains the Intellectual Property of It is a violation and breach of these Terms and Conditions, and a deemed act of Computer Trespass subject to criminal and civil enforcement to attempt to “reverse engineer” any Intellectual Property.

Proxy Server Access, Fictitious User Identity and / or Fictitious Accounts Not Allowed

It is a violation and breach of these Terms and Conditions, and a deemed act of Computer Trespass subject to criminal and civil enforcement, to access this Site, or attempt to access this Site and use a false Internet Protocol (“IP”) address location other than the IP address of your actual physical access location. Any method similar to that of a Proxy Server, or Proxy Server Service, Proxy Redirect, IP Address Masking Software or other such service, method or software whose purpose is to disguise or provide a IP address other than that of your physical access location is violation and breach of these Terms and Conditions.

It is a violation and breach of these Terms and Conditions, and a deemed act of Computer Trespass subject to criminal and civil enforcement, to access this Site, or to attempt to access this Site, by use of a Fictitious User Identity and / or the creation of a Fictitious User Account.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement relates solely to the online information collection and use practices of all of our websites (collectively "Web Site"), and any sub domains of those Web Sites. We recognize that many visitors and users of this Web Site are concerned about the information they provide to us, and how we treat that information. This Privacy Statement, which may be updated from time to time, has been developed to address those concerns.

Your use of this Web Site indicates to us that you have read and accept our privacy practices, as outlined in this Privacy Statement. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact:


When you visit our Web Site, you may provide us with two types of information: (1) personally identifiable information that you knowingly choose to disclose, which is collected on an individual basis, and (2) general user information that does not contain personally identifiable information, which is collected on an aggregate basis as you browse the Web Site. In some cases, if you choose not to provide us with requested information, you may not be able to access all our Web Site's content or services.

Personally, Identifiable, Information You Choose to Provide.

We may ask for certain personal information from you for providing you with content and/or services that you request. We may retain a record of users who have contacted us to respond properly to questions or concerns and for purposes of future communications.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information We Collect.

Cookies/ Web server logs: Like other commercial Web sites, our Web Site utilizes standard technology called "cookies" and Web server logs to collect information about how our Web Site is used. Cookies are a feature of Web browser software that allows Web servers to recognize the computer used to access a Web site. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored by a user's Web browser on the user's hard drive. Information gathered through cookies and Web server logs may include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent at our Web Site, and the Web sites visited just before and just after our Web Site. This information is collected on an aggregate basis. None of this information is associated with you as an individual.

You can, of course, disable cookies on your computer by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your browser. However, it is possible that some parts of our Web Site will not operate correctly if you disable cookies. You should consult with your browser's provider/manufacturer if you have any questions regarding disabling cookies.


We use your personally identifiable information to provide you with the information, services or content that you have requested, and, in some cases, to contact you about our programs, products, features or services. If you no longer wish to receive press releases or any other type of information from us, you may send us an email through our "Contact Us" link or use our E-mail Alert form to change your preferences.

We use non-identifying information collected on our Web Site in the aggregate to better understand general usage of the Web Site and to enhance your enjoyment and experience. For example, we may use the information to improve the design and content of our Web Site or to analyze the programs and services that we offer.

We may employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf. Our employees, agents and contractors who have access to personally identifiable information are required to protect the information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Statement.

We may provide access to your personally identifiable information when legally required to do so, to cooperate with police investigations or other legal proceedings, to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our Web Site, to limit our legal liability and to protect our rights, or to protect the rights and safety of visitors to this Web Site or the public. In those instances, the information is provided only for that limited purpose.

We will not share your personally identifiable information in ways unrelated to those described above without providing you with an opportunity to opt out of such use or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.


We will never sell the information you provide to us. Nor shall we make available the information for any other commercial purpose other than providing the services and information you have chosen to procure from the Web Site.


Protecting children's privacy is important to us. For that reason, we do not collect or maintain information on our Web Site from those we know are under the age of 13, nor is any part of our Web Site targeted to attract anyone under 13. We request that all visitors to our Web Site who are under 13 not disclose or provide any personally identifiable information. If we discover that a child under 13 has provided us with personally identifiable information, we will delete that child's personally identifiable information from our records.


We take reasonable steps to maintain the security of the personally identifiable information that we collect, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to our database servers, as well as installing electronic security systems that guard against unauthorized access and employing data encryption. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Accordingly, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us, so you do so at your own risk.


We provide users with the highest standards of security and protection. From the moment, you login onto our site all communication between our servers and your computer is encrypted using the “gold standard” encryption technique; AES-256 (256-bit AES) Secure Socket Layer encryption.

AES is the certified Federal Information Processing Standard and there are currently no known direct attack hacks available against AES.

We enforce password strength policies and only allow for verified secure retrieval of your user account details should you not remember your password. Once you’ve signed into the system, and are running our application under SSL, all the data you enter is stored on a SQL Server running NT Authentication policies; this means that only authenticated registered users can access the data.


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This Web Site may contain links to third party sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third-party sites. Therefore, we encourage our users to read the privacy statement of every Web site that collects personally identifiable information. This Privacy Statement applies solely to information collected by this Web Site.