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We can amend and restate your existing trust or get a Complete California Revocable Living Trust and Estate Plan drafted just for you and your family.





*Prices effective January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. Additional discounts for Clients for which I have written Trusts, currently active or retired Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, Firemen or other first responders at the Legal Document Assistant's sole discretion. Current Active Duty Military or retired Military with proof of honorable discharge (DD-214) are eligible for additional discounts to the above pricing. A sixty (60) minute consultation is provided at no cost either via email, phone call or in-person appointment or a combination thereof at the sole discretion of the Legal Document Assistant (LDA).

Drafting your Trust

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We draft a custom estate plan specifically for you and your family. Each Trust is thoroughly reviewed for completeness and quality assurance.

Who can prepare a Trust and Estate Plan?

Attorneys are not the only professionals who can draft Trusts. In fact, a lot of them use standard templates or even pay for legal document preparation services like ours to do it for them. Unless you need the specific legal advice of an attorney, there is no reason why you wouldn’t use our firm to personally prepare your trust.

Do I need an Attorney to form a Trust?

You don't need an attorney to form a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust. A Trust is just a contract, and you can prepare the paperwork and file it yourself, or use an online legal document service like TrustandEstatePlan.com. The resources we provide through TrustandEstatePlan.com and the information from our network of Financial Advisors, CPAs, and Estate Planners will answer 99% of the questions you have before you decide to form a trust. However, if you have financial or legal questions you can't resolve on your own you should always consult with a licensed expert.

Our firm has a licensed Certified Trust Financial Advisor (ICB # 89400), and professional Legal Document Assistant (No.64 Sonoma County) that helps you design your first class Trust and Estate Plan. If you should still need an attorney we can refer you to one through our network of trusted legal professionals.

What is an LDA?

Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) are registered and bonded in the County to help self-represented litigants in preparing legal documents and court forms. They can provide you with published information written and approved by lawyers. They can help you prepare your legal documents for your particular needs at your specific directions. LDAs are not lawyers, and so they cannot give legal advice. If you think you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer.

Legal Document Assistant  (LDA No. 64 - Sonoma County)

Certified Trust Financial Advisor (CTFA - ICB # 89400)

*Separate fees may apply for optional trust provisions and services:
(Dynasty trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Assignment of Business Interests, additional Grant Deeds, Notary services, and more.  Please call us for free estimate of all our services.)

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A final draft of your revocable living trust will be issued directly to you that is ready to be signed and notarized.

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